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Dear reader,

Believe it or not -> here it comes!

A new Hindoslem Album will be presented on 19th April.
It was a super long way to reach that point! Now we are really proud on our 90ties-hard and heavy -super strange- 80ties – synth-mutant called the "the boys might be old".
If someone travels back in time and tell me I will once do a thing like this,
I would not take it seriously. But at this point, it is serious like hell. It seems to be the only right thing to do!

We like to dedicate this Album to all the people, who joined our path for a while and all those, who still go on with us.
Thanks for all the energy we get and thank you so much for your interest in hindoslem´s music.

You are able to pre-order "they boys might be old" at

keep music evil,
yours hindoslem



Attention, attention!!!

now you are able to download
"Hindoslem greatest Hits/Hits they never had" - EP
right here.

It includes five awesome cover songs:
Can´t buy me love – Beatles/ Let´s Pretend - Life of Agony/ Paint it black – The Rolling Stones/ School`s out - Alice Cooper/ Time has come – Nine

Special thanks go out to Jones from Hanagorik for adding his wonderful voice on "Let´s Pretend".

We hope you enjoy it,
yours Hindoslem

... by the way ...
We are really excited about 2014, because we going to release the new Hindoslem Album "The boys might be old" on the 1th April. Please be patient!



He fellas,
on 5th January December we will kick out some unheard Hindoslem tunes!
We call this thing:

"Hindoslem greatest Hits/Hits they never had"

That means we did 5 cover versions of songs we like.
On 5th January you will find a download link right here.

We wish you hairy Christmas and a crappie, New Year!

In love yours,




who is going to change the world?
those that don’t like it …

we are working at the moment on the new hindoslem ep.

"The boys might be old" - it will be awsome!

now, be patient!

…and ladies, we added some new pix on facebook.




dear reader,

as you may know hindoslem is going to play some prison shows in austria.
you think that’s strange? – fuck!, me too.

you will probably miss our shows unless you have done or will do some criminal activity (and let the police get you). if you are one of those lucky ones who have the chance to be part of the show: we are really looking forward to meeting you.

it’s well known that wicked rockers - what we certainly are - give cool names to each other and their tours.
so this one is called the god sent rockmachine...(from hell)" - prison tour 2006.
and it is dedicated to all those motherfuckers out there who drop bombs, handle human lifes like a product and keep the world in mass hypnosis (yes!!! the standard rebel stuff)

with this special tour we wanna call the media’s attention to us and catch our 15 minutes of fame.
if we reach that point our secret master plan will take action... so, you better watch out!!!

take care of each other.
deadly, sexy mutants from hell

show up on:

21.01.2006 disco flamingo, herrengasse, 7471 rechnitz
23.01.2006 chelsea, lerchenfeldergürtel, u-bahnbögen 29-30, 1080 wien



the victory of the soundinvasion band contest is ours.

thanks to all the people who showed up that evening in the mak.

we were quite successful at some of the latest band contests and we guess, that’s why the gods of rock got a little angry with us: they let the bass strings of “ big boss” break three times during the show, let us speak massive shit at our “hosted by” interview with gotv and at our little after show party the gods brought spider aka. “one man army” in delirium and made him dance - almost naked! - on the bar. lucky you, you didn’t see such an ugly thing like that.

we have to respect the signs sent by the gods of rock and take a step back from joining new band contests.
of course we understand your wishes to see us dressed like the village people, but we can’t help it, we have to listen to our gods.

now the true, hard band life is waiting for us. we really have to work to make up for our sins, to find a way to rockheaven.

if you want to celebrate new year’s eve with hindoslem show up in the arena on december 31.

super special thanks this year go to:

wonderful lena: for helping us so much with web stuff and other things you need brain for.

little lady ute: also, for helping organizing and travelling with us.

mr. paul from outer space: who helped us to save money for our upcoming album, taking care of us and believing in us.

aka. “one man army”: for taking away our girls, drinking our beer, letting us almost oversleep a concert, not taking care of the merch stuff, dancing naked on bars, destroying his car and his body for us. man you are a real animal. see you in hell friend.

to all our friends, please don’t be upset if you cannot find your names right here. yet we wanna say thank you to every single one of you: thank you! it’s a real honour to grow old with guys like you.

the bands we played with and that helped us. also thanks to hanagorik who cancelled their european tour this year and let us alone in the cold winter. best wishes across the ocean.

and big thanks to all the dudes who were open hearted and showed up at our concerts, listened to our songs, bought cd´s, shirts, took photos or helped us in any way. thank you so much.

and don´t forget the year is not over until we say it’s over.

keep on rockin’ for a free world.

in love hindoslem



therefore we're gonna burn in hell ...

sorry, but we have to cancel our show on december, 2nd in the movimento, 'cause we´re going to play at the finals of the xbox soundinvasion band contest in the mak.

the guys from microsoft bound us with the wish to win some nice prices, including natty clothes by levi´s.

so if you are interested to see the boys from hindoslem in a new dress (like the village people), join the soundinvasion and give them your support. or else if you think they're gonna sell their souls, for glory and fame, or for some commercial shit, stay home and show your protest.

heal the world, make a better place,
yours hindoslem







2014/11/___-" Return of the Bunda" Brazil Tour




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The boys might be old



Hits they never had

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The Haste the Calm and the Glorious Days
The Year of Tainted Visions
The Haste, the Calm &
the Glorious Days
The Year of Tainted Visions











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